Interference / Intermodulation Studies


Sitesafe performs detailed interference and intermodulation studies for proposed antenna sites to determine the potential for interfering with co-located third parties, or to determine vertical or horizontal space considerations to maximize use of structure space.

Detailed Interference Analysis Reports

Sitesafe offers a detailed interference analysis to identify potential sources of interference resulting from the addition of a new carrier's frequencies at a proposed antenna site.  This analysis takes into account all existing and any known proposed equipment on the site, along with antenna separation (vertical and/or horizontal), physical location, link budget parameters, and orientation of all equipment.

This analysis predicts potential interference products against the following six categories:

  • Transmitter spurious emissions products
  • Transmitter intermodulation products
  • Receiver intermodulation products
  • Receiver desensitization
  • Transmitter noise
  • Transmitter harmonics

When completed, Sitesafe will deliver a comprehensive, certified report that includes:

  • Report summary
  • Action statement identifying any potential interference problem(s)
  • Results of the six categories mentioned above
  • Recommended engineering solutions for alleviating any predicted problem(s)
  • Appendices that contain all input parameters
  • PE certification

Intermodulation Analysis Reports

Sitesafe offers an abbreviated version of the detailed interference analysis report called an Intermodulation Analysis, which examines the potential of interference solely on mathematical modeling. As such, the results are computational harmonic combinations of the mixing of proposed and existing transmit and receive frequencies. The RF behavioral characteristics covered in the Detailed Interference Analysis Report are not considered.

Downloadable Intermod Data Form