FAA Compliance - Airspace Analysis Services

The FAA requires Notice of Proposed Construction or Alteration (Form 7460-1) for almost every new build or change to an existing tower or transmission power line. Sitesafe can perform FAA and state filing services on any structure that requires such notice. If your site has FAA or FCC airspace regulatory issues, we provide FAA Airspace studies on proposed construction of antenna sites to assure compliance with FAA airport requirements. Sitesafe will provide you with accurate, easy to understand reports that are returned to you in a minimum amount of time.

Overview of Services

  • Form Filings - 7460-1, 7460-2 Part 1, 7460-2 Part 2
  • Search Area Ring (SAR) Analysis
  • Follow Up Search Area Ring (SAR) Analysis
  • Site Specific Evaluation
  • Preliminary Screening
  • AM Screening
  • Opinion Letter
  • State Filing(s)
  • Tracking Service
  • Expert Witness

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