AM Detuning

AM patternIf an antenna site is constructed or modified in close proximity to an AM broadcast station, it is possible that the construction will interfere with the AM broadcast station's antenna pattern. FCC regulations mandate that wireless licensees protect the AM station's pattern and prove that there is no impact from the construction or modification. If there is impact to the antenna pattern, the problem must be remediated—more commonly referred to as detuning the tower, or AM detuning. Sitesafe provides end-to-end AM detuning services including a free screening to determine the estimated impact of construction, coordination with the AM broadcast station, computer (method of moments) modeling, field measurements, data analysis, and final report signed by a licensed professional engineer. If necessary, Sitesafe will determine the detuning equipment needed and supervise and certify the actual detune.

Electromagnetic Emissions (EME) and Non-Ionizing Radiation (NIR) Studies

The FCC has set limits on human exposure to RF energy and has mandated that every time the RF environment at a wireless site is modified, a compliance study must be performed to verify that the site is still within compliance of the FCC's limits. Sitesafe provides independent, professional, third-party compliance studies that meet the FCC's mandate and provide our customers with an increased level of liability protection. These studies can be performed on any type of wireless facility—tower, rooftop, water tower, etc.—and we have certified over 20,000 rooftops and towers for RF compliance.

Interference/Intermodulation Studies

Sitesafe analyzes hundreds of wireless sites every year to help our customers determine if adding a new transmitter to that site will cause interference either for the incumbent or the new carrier. We routinely identify and propose solutions to all of the most prevalent forms of interference: (1) Intermodulation (transmit & receive), (2) Transmit Harmonic/ Spurious Emissions, (3) Receiver Desensitization, and (4) Transmitter Noise.

FAA Filings

Sitesafe performs FAA impact studies on proposed construction of antenna sites to assure regulatory compliance with FAA airport requirements, including filing of FAA Form 7460-I and state-required forms as needed. We also screen sites for all potential FAA/FCC related issues for a Search Area Ring or Specific Site location.

RF Health and Safety Training

signSitesafe's proprietary RF health and safety training, Peoplesafe®, provides comprehensive RF safety and awareness training for any individual who has to work in an RF environment. The FCC's regulations specifically differentiate between people who have been trained and those who have not. OSHA mandates that employers provide training for their employees and contractors. Currently more than 7,000 professionals have been trained using Peoplesafe®. The training can be delivered either in a classroom setting or through a convenient e-learning version available to students from any Internet connection. Testing is administered by Sitesafe, and upon successful completion of the course examination participants are issued a certificate and a wallet card that can be used to access restricted sites and rooftops.


Founded in 1984, SpectrumWatch is the premiere online system for the evaluation and application of land mobile wireless facilities. Companies authorized by the FCC as Frequency Coordinators can set up a corporate account with SpectrumWatch to obtain a comprehensive set of features and database tools for research, application and coordination.